How Does Low Testosterone Affect Women?

Today, most women know that their bodies need small amounts of testosterone – it’s not just a hormone that men produce. Testosterone works to keep a woman’s body running smoothly, the same way it does for her male counterpart. It is a part of the mix of hormones that keep a woman’s mood, energy levels, sex drive, and bodily functions working properly.

Without enough testosterone, mood swings can arise, energy levels can plummet, sex drives can become non-existent, and a number of other bodily functions can be affected in women.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Women who experience any of the following issues should think about having their hormone levels checked by a professional. These symptoms of low testosterone in women are often considered simply part of getting older, and may go ignored for years.


Women who are always tired, even after a good night’s sleep, may be experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone. Fitful sleep can be another side effect of a hormone imbalance.

Weight Gain or Difficulty Losing Weight

Many women with low testosterone often experience the loss of muscle mass as well as progressive weight gain. Typically, women assume this is just part of mid-life weight gain, a symptom of getting older, but for many women the inability to control one’s weight, along with changes in muscle tone and bone density, are symptoms of low testosterone.

Additionally, some women who do exercise often and eat well may find that they are just not getting the results they expect. This, again, can be due to low testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone needed to help build muscle mass. If it is not present, the muscle mass will not show up, no matter how much one exercises.

Low Libido

Testosterone affects sexual arousal in women, just as it does in men. Women with low testosterone experience a reduced sex drive, vaginal dryness (which can cause painful intercourse), or a general lack of interest in sex.

These symptoms are also associated with some illnesses, so women should be sure to speak to their doctors before beginning any type of testosterone treatments.

Mood Swings

Low testosterone in women can also cause sudden bouts of depression as well as unexplained mood swings. This is because testosterone helps to regulate the mood in the body. Low levels of this hormone will often play havoc with the body’s ability to regulate its moods.


Anxiety caused by low testosterone is typically mild, but it has been known to cause panic attacks.

Problems Concentrating

Many women find that they have difficulty concentrating on normal tasks when they suffer from low testosterone.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most obvious symptoms of low testosterone in women because testosterone supports healthy hair production and maintenance. It is typically most notable on the head, but hair loss from other areas of the body may also occur.

Women who feel they are suffering from any of these symptoms should consult a professional. At Turtle Creek Medical Center, we work with women to find a course of action to diagnose and treat those with low testosterone. Please know that these symptoms can be corrected with a treatment plan, so contact us today.