Office Ergonomics: Ways to Reduce Back Pain Throughout Your Workday

As anyone who has ever had a desk job can attest, “sitting around all day” can be surprisingly painful! With more Americans than ever working in office jobs, it’s crucial to practice good ergonomics – improving efficiency and safety in the working environment.


Ergonomics. Correct sitting posture
Let’s look at some important tips:

Sit Up Straight

It’s easy to pick up poor posture habits, but slouching will cause more pain in the long run. When you sit up straight and use your chair’s lumbar support, you ensure weight is distributed more evenly across your back. Sit close to your desk and avoid leaning and reaching.

Optimize Your Monitor

Your monitor should always sit directly in front of you. If it requires you to look up or down, even a little, your neck will get tight faster. The top of the monitor should sit no higher than eye level. To minimize unnecessary movement, keep the keyboard directly in front of the monitor.

Avoid Eye Strain

The monitor should be positioned at least an arm’s length away to reduce wear on the eyes. If you have control over the lighting in your workspace, switching from fluorescent to incandescent bulbs reduces flickering. Software can help you curb the harsh backlight on larger monitors.

Keep Feet Flat

If your feet do not fully touch the floor when you are seated, you are sitting too high. This puts pressure on the backs of the legs. To correct the problem, use a footrest or reduce the height of the keyboard and chair. Knees should be about level with hips in an ideal seating arrangement.

Rest Your Eyes

Even if the lighting in the room is perfect, your eyes will get tired over time. Eyes can get “fixated” on objects close by, increasing the risk of dryness, redness, and painful irritation. To energize your eyes, take a brief break and look at objects further away to shift the focus.

Keep Your Body Moving

Ultimately, sitting for hours at a time is unhealthy and uncomfortable no matter how you do it. To reduce the negative effects and feel better, be sure to get up once in a while. Spending even five minutes walking around can help you stay focused for the next two hours.
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