Only Trust a Trained Professional to Administer Botox

Botox is a prescription medication used to smooth wrinkles such as crow’s feet, frown lines and laugh lines. Since the injected medication goes directly into the facial muscles, it is important that the procedure is only performed by professionals who have specialized training in the use of Botox and other Botulinum products.

Although considered safe for most people, complications and problems can arise after receiving Botox injections, especially when untrained practitioners administer the treatments. Inexperienced and untrained practitioners may inadvertently cause additional damage to the eyelids, eyebrows and mouth when the practitioner injects Botox into the wrong muscles or the medication seeps into unintended areas.

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Avoid potential problems, such as those below, by having any Botox treatment administered by professionals such as those at Turtle Creek Medical Center.

  • Eyelid Droop, Ptosis – Botox has the ability to seep into the eyelid from the forehead. When this occurs, the eyelid muscle has difficulty opening, causing the eyelid to droop and appear half closed. It can take several months for the condition to resolve on its own.
  • Collapsing Eyebrows – Many different things can cause forehead lines, so when treating them, it is important for practitioners to know what conditions caused the different lines. If practitioners perform Botox treatments for forehead lines without treating the cause of the lines, the Botox can cause the eyebrows to collapse into the eyelid area. Trained Botox professionals know how to treat the cause of different lines and prevent collapsing eyebrows.
  • Double Vision – The FDA approved Botox injections for treating crow’s feet, the lines that appear in the corners of the eye when smiling. When untrained professionals administer Botox treatment to this area incorrectly, it can cause individuals to experience double vision if the medicine seeps into the eye muscles.
  • Lip and Mouth Problems – The anatomy of the lower face, particularly the lips and mouth, is complex and requires advanced knowledge of facial anatomy as well as specialized practice in smoothing the lips and corners of the mouth. Botox injected incorrectly into these areas can cause problems with the lips and with opening the mouth.

Botox injections go directly into the muscles and should only be administered by specially trained professionals. Healthcare professionals certified in giving Botox treatments have demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to safely administer the injections and minimize the risk of complications.

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Physicians and other healthcare professionals who have specialized training in giving Botox injections receive certification after participating in formal instruction in advanced facial anatomy and intensive hands-on training. In addition to regular Botox injections, professionals receive training in dermal fillers and sclerotherapy so patients can be assured they are getting treatments from qualified professionals.

To learn more about Botox treatments or to schedule a personalized consultation, contact one of the trained professionals at Turtle Creek Medical Center today.