What Does a Pain Management Doctor Do?

A pain management doctor focuses on how to control a person’s pain so that they can begin to live a more balanced life. While most doctors can be efficient at providing comfort, a doctor that specializes in managing pain looks for the cause and tries to uncover how the pain has evolved over time. With that information, he or she can create a treatment plan that is both safe and effective.

Evaluate Your General Health

The doctor will begin by evaluating the patient’s general health and reviewing their medical history. This will show him or her any long term illnesses or injuries that a person may have had that has impacted how their body responds to pain. It will also show any underlying causes that the current pain may be attributed to.

Focus on Pain History

Once the doctor has looked at the patient’s medical history, he or she will begin to search for patterns in how pain was reported and treated in the past. This can reveal triggers that increase pain levels and may also show areas where the body was weakened at a certain point. By focusing on their pain history, the doctor can determine what has worked in the past and what has not. He or she can use that information to create a treatment plan that addresses the issue and provides sustainable relief without burdening other systems in the body.

Find Out What Will Be Most Effective at Providing Relief

The doctor will normally run several tests to determine what medications and therapies will work. Using this information, along with what was garnered from the previous evaluations, the doctor can uncover what types of treatment methods will work best with each patient. After the doctor has the pain management program in place, it may have to be altered to make sure the patient is getting the most out of the treatment. If the body has been healing, less medication may be required and more physical therapy may be put in its place. 

When a person makes the decision to visit a pain management doctor at Turtle Creek Medical Center in Dallas, the first thing they need to remember is that their entire medical history will be reviewed. The doctor will then determine how a person’s pain history has evolved and try to determine what treatment methods will be most effective at helping them get back on track. Managing pain means getting to the root of the problem and then moving forward.