Sarapin vs Cortisone Injections for Chronic Pain Management

Those who suffer from chronic pain have probably had, or least heard of, cortisone injections, but odds are they probably haven’t heard of Sarapin.

The two have a great deal in common, though; both Sarapin and cortisone are used in chronic pain management to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. The FDA and AMA have recognized both of these treatments for pain management, and both require prescriptions.

Similarities and Differences

Sarapin and cortisone injections have been recognized as treatments for ailments such as sciatic pain, migraines, joint pain, neck pain, and more; but that’s where the similarities end.


Sarapin is a biological medicine. This means it comes from a naturally occurring organism. This injection works because it actually stops the pain signals in the nerves of the spine. To make it even more effective, Sarapin will not affect any other nerve or motor functions in the body.

Sarapin has no known side effects, either.


A hormone produced by the adrenal gland creates cortisone. This hormone is essential to the proper functioning of the body, especially when a person is under stress. So while chemicals create it, cortisone is a normal body product. With cortisone, there are no allergic reactions.

Cortisone is relatively short acting and of low potency, which is why it is not prescribed as often today.

Cortisone can have a number of side effects, including the thinning of skin and easy bruising; some patients also experience weight gain, higher blood pressure or a puffiness of the face. In some extreme cases, cataracts and osteoporosis can occur.

However, these side effects are not common, and there are many positive benefits with cortisone injections when they are used correctly. Typically, cortisone is only prescribed when other methods have proven to be ineffective.

In the short term, cortisone helps suppress inflammation and in the long term, it can help dissolve scar tissue and speed up the healing process.

Chronic Pain Management in Dallas

At Turtle Creek Medical Center in Dallas, the professionals work with patients individually to determine which treatment would best serve their needs. When seeking chronic pain management therapy in Dallas, contact Turtle Creek. They specialize in chronic pain management and prescribe both Sarapin and cortisone injections. Schedule an appointment today and see which one is right for you.