What Does Low Testosterone Feel Like?

Both men and women produce the hormone testosterone, and while men need more than women, both sexes continue producing it throughout their lives. While decreased testosterone – the primary male sex hormone – levels are somewhat common among older men, when those levels dip too low, there can be serious problems.

Many men don’t realize that having testosterone levels that are too low can negatively impact them. Keep reading to learn more about how low testosterone levels can be problematic and how people suffering from the issue often feel.

Lack of Energy

Whether you’re looking to exercise in the morning before work or just get through a long work day, you need your energy wherever you go. Unfortunately, low testosterone can make you feel fatigued by activities that probably weren’t noticeably tiring before.

Combine testosterone issues with the sleep habits of the average man and you’ve got a sort of double-whammy that can leave men feeling exhausted. Without proper testosterone levels, you might find that you simply don’t have the energy for everything you want and need to do each day.

Reduced Sex Drive

A lot of men think that reduced sex drive just comes with getting older. While testosterone levels do generally begin a gradual decline around the age of 30, no man should be completely uninterested in sex. That’s particularly true of men with partners they care for who are in their 30s, 40s and even 50s and beyond.

Men that aren’t ever interested in sex or wanting to have sex two to three times per week or more may be experiencing testosterone-related issues. This can impact a man’s confidence and put a serious strain on an otherwise healthy relationship.

Erectile Dysfunction

Many men suffering from testosterone-related issues still want to have sex, but find it difficult to get or maintain a suitable erection. Like reduced sex drive, this can cause great friction in an otherwise healthy relationship.

Erectile dysfunction, even if it doesn’t happen all the time, can also shake a man’s confidence and make him hesitant when it comes to sex. This can lead to anxiety and a feeling of inadequacy that the man has never had before.


Depression is a common problem that plagues many men around the world. However, depression isn’t always related to issues in one’s life or problems one may be facing in their personal lives or at work.

Anxiety and depression can actually be brought on by low testosterone levels in the body. While most men won’t make the connection between anxiety and depression and their testosterone levels, it’s more common than you might think.

Many men with low testosterone levels also report a sluggish, bored feeling that’s like a mild form of depression.

Muscle Mass Issues

When your body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, you’re likely to gain fat and lose muscle. You’re also likely to find that it’s much more difficult to build muscle even if you do have the energy to exercise.

A lot of guys, particularly those involved with sports or who maintained a routine exercise schedule, find this to be very discouraging. Unfortunately, when you have testosterone levels that are too low, kicking your workout routine into overdrive isn’t always going to help as much as you might think.

Getting your testosterone levels up may be the best way to get your desired body back in many cases.

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